Hidden Dimensions: International Business Practices

Ed Hall

In 1959, Edward T. Hall earned international acclaim with the publication of The Silent Language, a groundbreaking study of nonverbal communication. The book went on to sell more than 1.5 million copies in the United States, and remains the definitive work in its field. His subsequent studies on space, time, and communication have fixed his position in the pantheon of world-famous anthropologists. His books, The Hidden Dimension, Beyond Culture and The Dance of Life, are considered classic literature in the field In Hidden Dimensions, Dr. Hall draws on more than a half century of experience to describe how cultures interpret the dimensions of information, space, and time. Through story-telling and visits to international corporate settings, Hall illustrates how culture influences communications. Throughout the program, Hall challenges viewers to pay close attention to their own assumptions and patterns of interaction. He uncovers subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication that help business professionals enhance performance and avoid stumbling blocks in the international arena. Table of Contents:

  • Understanding Systems of Information
  • High Context
  • Low Context
  • Grammar of Space
  • Center of Power
  • Office Size
  • Open and Closed Doors
  • Time
  • Monochronic
  • Polychronic
  • Hidden Stages of International Business Negotiations
  • Display
  • Territoriality
  • Courtship
  • Submission

"If systems of information are not understood, communication breaks down. Business fails."

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