Toward Multiculturalism Second Edition


Jaime Wurzel

When the first edition of this book was published in 1989, the title Toward Multiculturalism was chosen to convey the potential of positive interaction among all cultures and, perhaps more importantly, to put forth the idea that multiculturalism can be seen as a state of mind. As in the first edition the purpose of this text is not only to convey information about teaching in a multicultural context. Perhaps more importantly the selected readings aim to identify and teach enduring human condition concepts and themes. The goal of the selected readings is not only to inform, but to convey a methodology that allows for a contextual understanding of a concept or theme. The articles, old classics and new ones, have been chosen for how clearly they communicate the essential ideas in each. This approach can lead to an informed and competent dialogue between academics, readers, and, perhaps most important, between cultures.

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